Our 2016 California Drummer, Richard Walker and California Drummerboy Paul Rhodes


Drummer California rekindles the Drummer tradition of self-identified masculinity of gay men, at an annual family reunion where history is honored and diversity respected.

Alongside social and educational events, Drummer California weekend features three fetish contests for gay men: Drummer, Drummerboy and Drummer Bootblack.

Unlike contests restricted to only leather or rubber, or a specific power dynamic such as Master/slave and Sir/boy, Drummer contest titles are open to a broader spectrum of fetish identities of gay men — from rubber, uniforms, skinhead and leather, to sports kit, military and punk. DNA is as diverse as your DNA.

This years contest is going to be held in Palm Springs, California and will include a Fetish Masquerade, the Drummer, Drummer Boy, and Drummer Bootblack contest, and victory brunch.

Watch for additional information re: tickets, workshops, Fundraiser, Parties, etc.

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Drummer North America's 2017, Drummer NA, Drummer Bootblack NA and Drummerboy NA in Las Vegas on January 28th.