Paulo Batista is a 32 year old transgender amateur bodybuilder living in San Diego. He has been training and specializing in weight lifting and fitness since 2005. He is also a trans activist and helps hold benefits for many communities throughout San Diego. In 2014, he has recently broke barriers in the city of San Diego winning the leather title of Mr. San Diego Eagle 2014 and in 2015 as the 1st and only SoCal Drummer. He was the first transman to hold either title in the state of California and helping change minds about acceptance with trans community.

As far as fetishes, he loves his leather and also his pain. He really enjoys different kinds of underwear...his or yours...and getting new tattoos with a hint of new latex. He love's playing with puppies... and definately has a thing for Chihuahuas.


Robby DeWitte


Bill Freyer

Mike Brock

My name is Robert DeWitte, but I prefer to go by Robby. I also go by “Dah Baby” for those of you who know me on a personal level like family.

I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran with a few deployments overseas under my belt. I am currently pursuing a degree in civil engineering with a minor in graphic arts which. I am married to, Mike Brock, or as I call him, Daddy. I came into the kink/fetish community along-side my husband back in 2012. Together we explored our deep desires and started playing with different fetishes/kinks until we found the ones that really drove us. Besides me being AB/DL (adult baby/diaper lover) I came to enjoy bondage very much. There were times when I attended group discussions and would teach others my knowledge and skills about rope play.

In 2015 I ran for the title SoCal Drummer-boy and through hard work and opening up about myself I won the title and gained a brand new kinky family. During my title year I got to meet different kinksters and got to see how the communities interacted with each other. After my title year was up my husband and I moved to Houston, TX to try something new in our lives. We experienced how Houston lifestyle was compared to California and within one year we now live up in the San Francisco Bay Area. We did meet great people there in Houston however it just wasn’t for us. On Oct. 22nd, 2016 I was pinned into Mamas family and was given the name “MAMAS LITTLE DRUMMERBOY.” Right now we are still getting settled into the San Francisco Bay area but once we have a feel for it I plan on helping those new to the kink/fetish life explore their fantasies.

Ken Blochowski

Paulo Bautista

​(Head Judge)

Bill Freyer and his partner Joey Valenzuela own the local adult store, NOT SO INNOCENT. It is on the north end of Palm Springs next door to Toucan's Bar. They have been in business for 3 years now and love being a part of the Palm Springs Leather and Fetish community.

Bill is the founder of Red Hankies of San Diego aka (RHSD), a Fisting club, and also the founder of RHSD FistFest. RHSD was a world wide organization for fister's to connect before everyone had internet to make connections online. It was an era of Classified Personal ads then.

Bill was also a member of National Leather Association of San Diego, followed by Club-X San Diego. He also taught workshops at San Diego LeatherFest for several years, and taught at Thunder in the Mountains in Denver, and LA LeatherFest.

Among some of his quirks and fetishes are Flogging, Paddling, Nipple Play, Ass Play, and Sensory Deprivation.

With over 30 years of experience in the kink and fetish community, and also being a judge at several Leather events, he feels honored to judge the California Drummer 2017 Contest.

Vonn Trammel

Ken Blochowski is Vice President and Marketing Director for Fetish Locker, the corporation which includes Gear Leather & Fetish, JimSupport and LeatherStock, all of which are located in Palm Springs. He is a founding member of the Desert Fetish Authority, a past president of Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert and an alumni member of ICON Detroit. Many people also know him as model Rik Jammer and as the former producer of Wet n Hot, the world’s largest watersports weekend.

He began his journey into leather and kink more than 30 years ago, when his first boyfriend handcuffed him to the bed and shoved a bottle of poppers under his nose. He is passionate about hot sexy play in and out of gear, and is grateful for having been invited to judge this year’s California Drummer and Drummerboy contest.
Michael Brock is my full name but I prefer to go by Daddy Mike.

I am a USMC veteran with a military police background. I did 5 years active duty and 3 years reserve. I am a combat veteran with deployments to Iraq. I’m currently pursuing a degree from a nursing school to become a registered nurse up in the San Francisco Bay area. I began my life in the fetish community around the time I met my husband (Robby Dewitte) back in 2012 in San Diego, CA. We had a discussion within two weeks of us dating about our “wild” sides. There we revealed fetish/ kinks about each other and what we would like to do with one another. About a month after we had the discussion a friend invited us to a Fetishmen group for a discussion on AB/DL (adult baby/ diaper lover) topics. We were both intrigued about how sex positive and open everyone was and we decided to go back to the next week’s discussion. That’s when I discovered Impact play (Flogging) which became my favorite fetish along with fisting.

In 2014 I was at my first contest and got to see what it was all about. The contest was called Knight of Leather. After all the contestants went they asked if anyone else wanted to join in at the last minute. A few friends that I made started cheering my name and then my husband started pushing me towards the front of the stage. That’s the first time I ran for a title and was given 1st runner up for the 2014 Knight of Leather. The last title I ran for was 2015 SoCal Drummer where I was given the 1st Runner up. From that point the SoCal Drummer men, boys, bootblacks, and the producers became family.

On October 22, 2016 I was given the honor of being given the name “MAMA’S CALI DADDY” and becoming part of her family. Now that we are settling down in the SF bay area my pursuit in the kink/fetish community is more towards mentoring those who want guidance or want to have a little play session if they never really had one before.


​(Head Judge)

“I am just me, nothing more nothing less. I LOVE well-performed tasks, and charitable adults. I feel that there is little you cannot accomplish if you just set your mind to it. TOGETHER...we can conquer the world…one fantasy at a time…until each and every dream becomes reality”

The Owner of International Olympus Leather, The Leather Journal’s Webmaster and a Co-Producer for Inside Leather History: A Fireside Chat with Douglas O’Keffee; she is *Mama’s Webn8rx* (Webinatrix). Vonn Tramel is a bi-coastal professional by day, and slave to service the rest of the time. She calls San Diego, CA with her partner PuP~ her primary residence and Atlanta, GA with her boy tiki her second home.

She is a mostly dominant switchy bitch with a penchant for boots, fire, and well-performed “tasks” by good ponies and pups. Vonn has a special place in her big black leather heart for other charitable adults. As a leather woman she feels strongly that one should always maintain an interest in service to community, but admits finding balance is the key to happiness.

Vonn identifies as a queer low maintenance femme. She has judged several local and international events including regional Olympus Leather contests, LA Leather Bear and North American Pony & Trainer and she is thrilled to be judging California Drummer Bootblack. In February 2016 she purchased the International Olympus Leather Circuit from its founder Dave Rhodes and created Olympus Leather weekend held the first weekend of May in San Diego, CA.
Nathan Kendrick is a Midwest native who moved to San Diego in 2013.

He has been active in Leather since 2011, and comes from a high protocol Leather family. His "Be who You Needed" campaign is focused on raising awareness and funds for at-risk LGBTQ youth, and encourages mentorship and personal preparedness in the Leather and fetish community. He identifies as a Dom-leaning switch and Handler, and his favorite flags include red, robin's egg blue, dark pink, brown lace, Holstein, and white velvet.

He is also the current Mr. San Diego Leather 2017.

Nathan Kendrick

Red has been a part of the San Diego BDSM community since 2013. She is an active member of the San Diego Girls of Leather, was an original board member of The Stomping Ground San Diego, and holds the title of San Diego Bootblack 2017.

Red identifies as a polyamorous, pansexual, femme submissive. She loves to share her passions for sexual health and leather care whenever possible and is devoted to helping lift up other bootblacks through education, mentoring, making social connections, and holding others’ hands as they jump into this often intimidating identity.